Planning and Organizing for a Powerful Year

To be honest, I feel like I have been a little MIA lately when it comes to blogging and work. I can’t believe that 2017 only has three months left, how did that happen?? I am trying to focus on wrapping the year up strong while, working a full time job, start and complete projects for clients while expanding my business, and working on my own blog! Can you say overload?

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy every minute of it. I am taking every thing from 2017 and using it as a learning experience so 2018 can be my best and most successful year yet.

There are a few things that I like to focus on when it comes to planning. I am old school, I absolutely love to write things down and then cross them off when they are completed, I think this makes me feel like I have accomplished more. Yes, I do have an iPhone and a computer, I use my calendars, but it doesn’t have the same affect on my success.


Three tips for preparing for the new year

Create a list of goals: Not only should you create a list; you should also write down a few ways that you can accomplish them. Make sure that you can look at them daily. When you see your list it will help keep you motivated and you will be more likely to cross that goal off!

Organize your space: Whether you work in an office or out of your home, I know I tend to be productive when the space I am working in is organized. I recently bought a new desk, chairs, sticky notes, and cute folders. Now I know that I can prepare for the year to come.

Invest in a great calendar or planner: As I mentioned before I have to write things down. Having a physical calendar or planner really helps me plan my week and days, that way I am able to accomplish more.

Every year, starting in the fall I start to look for the best planner/notebook out because if I love it, then I will use it. It makes me happy, just like I was when I would shop for school supplies. Luckily, this year I was able to connect with another boss babe and entrepreneur, Jenna, who owns Workspacery. When I saw her products I also quietly squealed in my head because I loved everything that she had created. I swear it was created specifically for me!

I recently received Jenna’s 2018 Refresh Weekly Planner and I am in love! The planner has a soft touch hard cover with gold-plated corners so all of your details are protected. I could go on and on about the amazing features that I love, but I will just name a few that I know will be the most helpful for preparing for 2018.



  • Quarterly goal-setting
  • Weekly focusing box to keep you on track for the week
  • Notebook pages in the back



I know that 2018 is going to be the best year yet, I have never been more focused and ready to take on the year!

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