How to Build a Brand Around a Full Time Job

Everyone starts somewhere, right? Which means, if you are like me, you most likely have a full time job because to afford your life.

I know that personally, since graduating college I have daydreamed about becoming my own boss while sitting at my desk working away for someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love my job and I have some of the best co-workers anyone could ask for, I am extremely grateful to be in this position. However, I would love to create my own brand and build to work for myself full time. This is a dream I have always had and I know a lot of others do as well.

I am going to go over a few topics that have helped me focus and start to grow, while working a full time job. But, before I go over these topics I want to state the first most important question.

What are you going to create? What is your brand and your business?

Once you have those questions answered we can move on to the rest. Don’t forget you have to start somewhere!



First, create a practical schedule. If you work 9am – 6pm Monday through Friday, then you are a little limited to your schedule. I suggest blocking off a few hours when you get home, but don’t rush. Make sure that you relax for a little bit then sit down and tackle some work. I personally go home, walk my dog, have a snack or dinner, and then sit down for a couple hours and work. That is usually enough time to catch up on emails, do some research, and start planning my next steps.

Don’t over work yourself, plan wisely. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint!


One of my biggest recommendations is to not slack. I don’t mean slack on your own adventures, I mean your full time job. When you are clocked in, your priority and attention needs to be on your full time job. If you have breaks or a lunch break, sure, go ahead and work on your own thing. Just don’t fall behind working for someone else because you are so focused on yourself.


I am old school, I love writing in a planner, notebook, and on a white board. Make a list, cross off what you have accomplished. I feel that it is so much more satisfying to physically cross stuff off a list then to delete on a computer or my iPhone. Trust me, it is a great feeling to look back and see what you have completed over time.


Take your time, relax, just breathe, and be honest with yourself. Don’t over do it and don’t over sell yourself. This goes back to what I said about this being a marathon, not a sprint. Start small, if you jump into the ocean instead of starting small with a lake, you might drown.

If you feel overwhelmed because you are working to hard, take a step back. Take some time to go to the gym, meditate, take some time off. You can’t create your empire in a week.


Don’t consume yourself with work, remember if you are building something that you love, you have to love your life or it won’t be fun anymore!

Hang out with friends, go hiking, travel, do whatever your heart desires to do! You want to build a life where your life is your job, so enjoy it! If you are a blogger, doing these things can help you build content so it is a win win situation!


Lastly, work smarter not harder!

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