Meet The Team

At MAE Marketing Agency, our acronym speaks volumes.  Short for “Motivated, Ambitious, and Empowered,” our name represents not only the spirit of Founder, Christina Elmen, but also of the team she’s assembled around her as well as the audiences she attracts for engagement with her clients’ products and services.

MAE is a fresh marketing agency, built on the shoulders of a passionate community of experts in different facets of marketing today, all excited to work with our partners to build brand audience, engagement and recognition. Naturally, the team understands that all partners want and need profit. To support this desired steady growth, the MAE community works hand in hand with partners and their teams focusing strongly on structure and meeting deadlines. Importantly, Christina brings an authentic, genuine, effective, and professional form of communication to the table. She and her team work consistently and efficiently to go above and beyond client and partner expectations to get the job done.

By combining this strong work ethic with our known talent for providing fresh ideas, MAE brings an advantage to clients. Creative initiatives inspired by ongoing and rigorous research allow MAE’s clients and partners to keep up with the growing market as well. The MAE community is sought after by other organizations for involvement with their brands, events, and workshops.

Christina Elmen

Founder & CEO

Christina Elmen, Founder and CEO of MAE Marketing Agency, moved from Michigan to Los Angeles only a week after graduation from Grand Valley State University to pursue her passion to grow within the fast-paced marketing industry in Los Angeles. Having learned about brands herself through influencers in social media, Christina saw a place to make a difference on a personal level. She began to blog and soon became a sought-after influencer. Since then she has accrued many years of experience in the marketing industry, assisting clients to raise visibility, cultivate, and engage loyal clientele and increase their bottom-line. Christina has worked with startups and established national and international brands, specifically focusing on social media and public relations enhancements with cutting edge initiatives and platforms. With her passion, personal and professional experience, her extensive knowledge of the inner workings of modern marketing platforms, and her carefully-curated network, Christina is a unique and qualified marketer with a valuable skill set of assets to leverage for client advantage.

Christina has actively developed her personal fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog, Bella a la Mode, along with her social media platforms since October of 2017. She has a combined following of over 65,000+ consisting of 86% females between the ages of 18 and 45 with a majority in the United States. Christina has worked with multiple brands and has built strong relationships within her social community. She currently gets over 98,000 impressions on Instagram per month. Christina’s hard work and dedication in growing her own platforms provide benefit to her clients and partners; she and her team apply her strategies to clients’ brand development and marketing, giving them the exposure and growth they deserve.

Tara Millamena

Account Executive

Tara Millamena grew up in New York and moved to Los Angeles where she graduated in Business Management from Woodbury University. She started her career in special events management which led to a position at NBC Universal. Working in special events, Tara became very detail oriented which is a valuable skill and an asset in her work. At NBC Universal while gaining an immense amount of experience, she also discovered a growing love for marketing. Tara began marketing for other companies as well as for her own personal brand on social media. She has over 4 years of experience in marketing, in addition specializes in content creation, social media branding, and event production.

Sydney Orradre

Social and Graphics Coordinator

Sydney is currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising studying Social Media and soon going into the Graphic Design program. She hopes to become a graphic designer and work in her hometown, San Luis Obispo and run her own company managing local platforms and educating companies on how to be successful on social media. When Sydney is not in school she enjoys traveling and cooking with her family.

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